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Are you searching for a field guide that can aid you in identifying tracks? The Weylin Field Guide: Tracks of West European Animals is compact, easy to carry in your backpack and convenient in the field. Clear illustrations present tracks as found and the text provides information based on many years of experience.

Please note that our Dutch language shop, with Dutch language field guides can be found here.

"The field guide released by Weylin Tracking is highly recommended for everyone interested in this fascinating topic. Because of its compact size, the clarity of the drawings and extra information about tracks and gaits it became a item I always carry around in my field bag. [...] This guide is both recommended for beginners as well as more experienced trackers."
Dirk Van Der Meiren, nature guide.

"Since the day I own this field guide it is in my backpack. [...] It is amazing how many drawings and information fits in such a compact guide. Not only recommendable because of its scientific value, but also because of its size and weather resistance. A guide that everyone, besides coffee and sandwhiches, should carry in their backpacks."
Hans Hasper, Eagle Owl researcher.

Weylin Veldgids Loopsporen

Weylin Field Guide: Tracks of Western European Animals

The ‘Weylin Field Guide: Tracks of Western European Animals’ is a compact and richly illustrated guide designed to be taken and used outdoors. It contains the main tracks (tracker slang for a foot print) of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates that we find in Western Europe. It is bound by wire-o, so it can conveniently be held along side a track. Made to be durable for heavy use in the field.

Download a PDF preview.

Specifications: ISBN: 9789082658743, 21x10 cm, wire-o bound, 78 pages, paper: stack 175 grams & cover 300 grams, transparent plastic front and hind cover. Costs €22,50 each excluding shipping fee.


Weylin Tracking Sporenplaten

Weylin Track Sheets

For years participants of our tracking courses have been asking if we could make our sheets publicly available. On six separate plates a selection of tracks are presented that we cover during our educational activities. Our goal in making this selection was not being complete, but the educational value. These plates are meant for people who educate others in the art of tracking. They are writeable with a whiteboard marker. And can be cleaned again with a microfibre cloth. All species are listed on the back with their Dutch, English, German and scientific name. You can download a PDF with all species here.

Specifications: printed in high resolution on high quality inkjet paper. A4 format. Laminated on heavy duty 125 micron. Costs €15,- per set excluding shipping fee.


Other Items

embleem Weylin Tracking

Embroidered emblem with the wolves head logo of Weylin tracking. Diameter 7 cm. €6,- each excluding shipping costs.


The Weylin Tracking Aid

Free with all orders, our Weylin Tracking creditcard sized ruler.

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