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This page presents a collection of articles, blogs and videos on the topic of animal tracking in Europe. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and to keep yourself updated on additions to this page.

Tracking in Israël - Tom went tracking in Israël with Asaf Ben David. In this blog you can read about his adventures. (2 dec 2019)
Weylin Field Guide: Tracks of West European Animals - Our new field guide is available! In this video Jeroen presents the guide. (20 sep 2019)
How we draw animal tracks - Our Field Guide on the Tracks of Western European Animals is nearing completion. It involved years of work. Of which the drawing of the tracks took up quite some time. In this blog we explain our process in making these drawings. (30 aug 2019)
Tracking in Israel - Tom travelled to Israel and went tracking with Asaf Ben David. (29 jan 2019)


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