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Tracking in Israël

Tom is aan het spoorzoeken bij een ondergaande zon

In October 2019, I went to Israel to visit Asaf Ben David, a famous Israelian tracker. In five days, I went from north to south throughout Israel to visit several tracking hot spots. In the north I met Offer and Iris Abel. They took me to good tracking sites near Akko. Near the beach, we found some nice tracks of mongoose, jackal, snake, crab and several rodents.

spoor van goudjakhals in israël

The mongoose track I recognized from previous trips to Spain,

spoor vab mangoeste in israël

Near Akko there are fisheries. These are artificial fishponds. In the empty fishponds, we found a lot of nice and clear bird tracks.

spoor van zwarte ooievaar in israël

On Friday and Saturday, I could attend the course of Asaf Ben David near Tel Aviv. The course was about animal gaits.

Groep sporencursus studenten in de woestijn van israël

In between the lessons we found many tracks (for instance of turtle, snake and skink).

Sporen van een skink in israël

I was very lucky to go mud tracking in the desert on Sunday and Monday. I had rained a lot in the desert and floodings left the perfect tracking grounds in the mud. We found tracks of all kinds of rodents and birds, but also tracks of lizards, wolfs and gazelle. Even the tracks of ants where visible in the mud:

sporen van een mier in israël

This was a very lucky lizard, the mud went over his head, but it managed to climb out:

Spoor van een hagedis die uit de modder gekropen is

What an amazing time I had. I thank Asaf, Offer and Iris for this experience. Would you like this experience too? We are organizing a trip to Israel in October 2020.

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