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Weylin Field Guide: Tracks of West European Animals

All you need to know about our field guide.

The text below is a transcription of the text from the vlog above.

How cool is that! The very first copy I am holding in my hand. Of our new Weylin Field Guide: The Tracks of West European Animals. This started out a year ago as a simple translation of our Dutch field guide. But turned out to become an entire project on its own.

Because this field guide covers a much larger geographical area we just kept adding pages. Because animals like the brown bear, the wolverine and the mink all had to be included.

Also we added extra chapters on topics relevant to tracking. For example on using track plates, track traps and locomotion.

The way animals move is called a gait. And often the gait is also a way to identify the maker of a track in the field. So we included a chapter on the three basic gaits. The walk, the trot and the gallop. And since a book is only a book we've also included a website. Where you can find video's of animals that will help you understand how these gaits work.

Since many people using this guide will probably not be using English as their first language, we also included the scientific names. So there is no confusion about which animal is being covered.

Also we included coloured corners. So you can quickly flip to a certain section of the guide. What we kept is the small size. So you can easily carry it standard in your backpack. Good quality paper. And also what we like is the wire-o binding. So you can easily fold it open and hold it next to a track that you found in the field.

If you ordered the field guide through our own website, we will include a free credit-card sized ruler that you can put in your wallet. This you can easily put along side a track when you make a photo. So you'll always have a good size reference with you.

For more information and ordering, please visit our website. There you can also download a PDF with more preview pages. And don't forget to subscribe to our social media channels. Because we have a lot more content planned! See you next time!

Our English language field guide is available for ordering in our online shop.